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About Key Classrooms

Key Classrooms consists of experts and professionals in the field of Coaching and student engagement.  Our methods and resources are developed by professionals that have worked in the field and have experienced success.

Pamela Whyte and associates are committed to providing coaching for teachers and principals that produces change.  Through these strategies, your own reflection and continual collaboration you will create learning environments that are conducive to learning.

Pamela Whyte is a professional educator with a focused vision towards sharing the philosophy of transforming schools by coaching principals and teachers, and focusing on learning through professional learning communities. She has worked at an award winning middle school as the assistant principal for ten years. As an elementary principal, Pamela and her staff improved the scores of students scoring at the minimal level in reading from 20% minimal to 0% minimal. Scores in math increased from 38% advanced and proficient to 75% advanced and proficient.

Pamela has a masters degree in Teacher Leadership from Carthage College and a masters degree in Educational Administration from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  She has extensive training in professional learning communities and has spent twenty years working with students that struggle in school.


We Value and Commit to:

  • Professionalism and excellence in all that we do.
  • Exceptional standards in ethical decision making.
  • Compassion and caring towards all people we encounter.