Pamela Whyte Releases New Book to Improve Classroom Management and Engagement

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Author takes years of educational experience into account for helpful new handbook

Kenosha, WI. – Sit-Down vs. Drive-Through Classroom Management and Engagement: The Handbook, a brand new book by Pamela Whyte, is now available for purchase on and

The book was written by Whyte to be the ultimate resource for teachers that are looking for new, effective ways to increase student achievement, build rapport and strengthen the overall culture at their school. Whyte developed the strategies in the book based on 20 years of experience in the educational world and offers a new, outside-the-box perspective for teachers of all age levels.

“I’m extremely excited to be able to reach out and help teachers across the nation with this book,” said Whyte. “Throughout my career I’ve worked with so many amazing educators and even the best teachers continue to need support with classroom management and engagement. This book will help them breathe life into their classrooms and their profession and truly change the lives of students.”

The book contains a variety of quizzes, self-reflection exercises and a place to record a brand new plan of action. The book takes a straight-to-the-point approach, offering simple and practical advice for classroom management that any teacher will be able to appreciate.

It is a particularly beneficial book for finding new ways to analyze the behaviors of students. Its methods enable teachers to look at behavioral problems in a completely new and preventative way so that they can restore order to the classroom and create a better learning environment for all students.

“This book has something for every teacher,” Whyte says. “No matter what age or subject you teach, you’ll be able to pick up this book, page through it and come away with strategies that you can put to use in your classroom. The result is a better learning experience for children and respect for teachers.”

Pamela Whyte, M.Ed., was a classroom teacher for more than nine years, as well as a building administrator for 13 years. With experience educating struggling and disengaged students, Pamela understands how to truly engage students and increase achievement. The staff and students at one school were state award winners, raising test scores for at-risk students. Pamela is an educator, presenter, consultant, and co-author of Behavioral Strategies That Work (JulianJohn Publishing, 2013).


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