What is Wrong With You???

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Just Ask Them!

Do you always feel valued and important in your job?  In your relationships with a significant other and friends?  Does it seem like you are standing with your arms waving over your head and no one seems to notice?

There are students sitting in front of you right now that feel that same way, and maybe even about you.  Do you have any students who do this:

  • Yell out when they are angry
  • Walk out of the classroom
  • Hit other students
  • Bully
  • Refuse to work
  • Work at a level below their ability

Try this…

  1. Talk to the student privately
  2. Smile at them and sit a little to the side of them (this is not an authoritative stance)
  3. Tell them what you have noticed
  4. Ask them what you can do to help
  5. Listen, Listen, (Don’t talk too much)
  6. If no response try to prompt them
  7. Listen and be helpful but don’t be authoritative and solve it for them.
  8. Focus on their ability to solve it and believe in their effort.

Example: (Contains only the teacher’s words)

Hi Dan, thanks for coming in today (sit down next to him but angle out a little.)  I’ve noticed that you seem to have conflicts with some of the girls in the class.  Is there anything I can do to help?  So, they are always just messing with you?  Do you do anything that upsets them?  Sometimes, hmmmm.  So, what do you think might help in our class?  Well, I can’t remove them Dan, what might be another solution?  Ok, I can move your seat.  That is a great idea.   Thanks for trying to solve this Dan.  Let’s see how it works out.

Keep doing this over and over, with student after student in many different situations and students will learn to begin solving their own learning challenges.

Enjoy your week!!!


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