Withitness Is Not a Word! NOT!!

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Withitness is such an important word in education.  We see teachers and administrators that have withitness and those that do not.  Although withitness is not an official word, anyone that has been in a classroom knows what it is, right?  The teacher is prepared, they know what is going to happen, they have a timeline and understand their role in the classroom.  These teachers are ready for disruption that may occur and know exactly how they will deal with that disruption.  They have “eyes in the back of their head” and can call out a student for positive or negative behavior quickly and effectively.  The classroom is constantly supervised and engaged in learning.  Now do you understand what withitness is?

Withitness in an administrator is essential to a school that is achieving at high levels.  Administrators know each teacher and have a positive relationship with their staff.  They know the students, parents and the community.  Principals would be said to” have their finger on the pulse of their school.”  In order to have withitness as a principal every class is visited often, you are seen everywhere and at anytime in the school.

Although withitness is a skill most educators are born with, we have some great short tasks you can do!  These tasks will make you more aware of your withitness.  Email me at pamela@keyclassrooms.com if you are interested in trying some tasks.

Are you a teacher or principal with withitness?  Share your best secrets with us at www.keyclassrooms.com


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