Coffee Shops and Differentiation

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This is such a lovely coffee shop and I just had to share with you a picture of what I was taking in while creating this post, the newsletter and the pod cast.  In our newsletter this week we talk a little about coffee shops, if you don’t get our newsletters, sign up now at

Our fifth component of Sit Down vs. Drive Through Classroom Management and Engagement are the salt and pepper shakers.  Our table is almost completely set.  We have our recipe (rigorous curriculum), plates (lessons and activities), silverware (uniqueness of our students), and trivets (angry students).  Now we are adding the salt and pepper shakers to make sure our table is almost complete.  The salt and pepper shakers represent differentiation in our classroom.  Differentiation comes down to how much we respect the children in our classrooms.  Do we respect our children enough to know them, know how they learn best, challenge them, vary our instructional methods, know the best practices in teaching, and creatively reach each student where they are?  Or do we assume everyone will learn one way and are all at one place in their learning?  Key Classrooms loves differentiation because it is based on planning which is the foundation for Sit Down vs. Drive Through Classroom Management and Engagement.  Differentiation values children by looking at how we teach, what we teach and the way we teach it.  So, in other words when we look at the product (what they produce), content (what they learn) and process (how they learn) we are differentiating.  In our newsletter and podcast we are covering many more aspects to differentiation.  If you are not a part of our Key Classroom Community, come to our website and sign up for our free weekly newsletters, please.

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