Let Me Do It!!!!! Using a Recipe! September 11, 2013

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The seven components of Sit Down vs. Drive Through Classroom Management and Engagement starts with a good recipe, or what educators refer to as rigorous curriculum.  However, it is not just the expectations of memorization it is also the anticipation of application.

What is it about DOING things that excites us?  Our senses are stimulated, our nervous system is engaged and the amount of excitement and anxiety (in a good way) that surges through us is intoxicating.

Think about it:

Watching Dancing With the Stars vs. Dancing

Seeing a Disney commercial vs. Visiting Disney

Listening to a lecture on the mechanics of running vs. running

Measuring the perimeter of a two dimensional box vs. measuring an actual box

Drawing the plans for a house vs. building a house

Watching a sky diving video vs. sky diving

Reading about social injustice vs. solving social injustice

The essence of rigorous curriculum  is the application of knowledge. When teachers create true learning experiences where students can truly apply what they have learned then classroom engagement will never be a problem again.  The trick is to tell them how they are going to apply the information prior to the teaching, then they will want to learn the information.  The struggle must be worth the end result and must outweigh the obstacles that occur while learning. Those distractions to engagement could be from friends or family, sleepiness, boredom, lack of relationship with the teacher or any outside influence.

We have an excellent article on our Resource page on the website www.keyclassrooms.com, take a look.  Middle and High School teachers will love it!!

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