Did You See This List?? Who Needs Planning?

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Would you do the following without a plan?

  • Build a house
  • Travel to a foreign country
  • Create a budget
  • Purchase Christmas presents
  • Create a garden
  • Hang pictures
  • Lose weight
  • Start a business
  • Go to the beach with children
  • Go anywhere with children J

Most people would create some type of plan to complete the above.  Yet, many teachers spend so much time on classroom management and engagement DURING class that planning is neglected.

What I found to be very helpful was putting more time into classroom management and engagement planning which resulted in putting less time into managing student behavior in the classroom.  Isn’t that great!  And to top it off more learning took place.  Isn’t ensuring student learning more important than hanging pictures or really most things?

The seven components of Sit Down vs. Drive Through Classroom Management and Engagement will improve classroom engagement and student performance.  Continue to listen to our pod-casts, newsletters, and blog posts as we cover each component in the next seven weeks.

Check out our resources page for a quiz to see which type of classroom you have.

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