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Efficacy is not an easy concept!  You have to believe that through effective effort you can improve your performance.  You also have to believe that your performance needs improving!  Caught ya with that one, right????  The best teachers I have known are the teachers that are constantly seeking out new and better ways to improve their skills to impact student learning.  The best teachers I have known do not make excuses or blame other people or groups of people.  The best teachers I have known look within to change what THEY do to impact student learning.

This is right out of one of our resource articles on, it was published by ASCD here:

Over the years, since the concept was first developed, researchers have helped to provide answers to both these questions. In his review of research, Jerald (2007) highlights some teacher behaviors found to be related to a teacher’s sense of efficacy. Teachers with a stronger sense of efficacy:

  •  Tend to exhibit greater levels of planning and organization;
  • Are more open to new ideas and are more willing to experiment with new methods to better meet the needs of their students;
  • Are more persistent and resilient when things do not go smoothly;
  • Are less critical of students when they make errors; and
  • Are less inclined to refer a difficult student to special education.

Isn’t this what we all want?  Everyone in the community!  Yes, so let’s dig in and work hard at improving Teacher Efficacy.  Listen to our podcast to find out how YOU can help improve teacher efficacy.

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